The Ultimate
Growing System

The patented Biohaus System is substrate-free
technology producing optimal and efficient plant cultivation.

Compared to substrate
growing methods.

45% less labor-intensive

With the Biohaus System most strains
finish 7-10 days faster, and there is less
than 24 hours down time between cycles.

Up to 6.3 flowering
cycles per year

Compared to the average 0.5 lbs per sq. ft. a year with conventional growing, the Biohaus System allows harvest up to 1.14 lbs per sq. ft. a year.

Up to 80% yield increase

Cultivation with the Biohaus System produces less evaporation, which allows smaller HVAC and dehumidification units, lowering power consumption. The recirculating system uses less water compared to drain to waste system.

Utility cost savings
of up to 50%

Multiple system layouts to fit any room size and any light footprint

Biohaus Grow Unit


Plant trellising is a part of the grow unit and has multiple configurations. This holds the canopy of larger plants in place.


Veg lid. Holds up to 36 plants for vegetative growth.


Flower lid. Holds 8 plants with ideal spacing for flowering.


High pressure foggers create extremely fine mist supplying roots with nutrients.


Unique Labyrinth Channels designed for movement of the nutrient solution and root growth.


Aeration stone provides filtered fresh air to root zone, creates air lock in root chamber and aerates the nutrient solution.

Biohaus Grow Unit.

Scalable solution for commercial cultivation

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The Biohaus System utilizes the best solutions from other cultivation methods: Hydroponics + Aeroponics + NFT

Innovative Substrate-Free
Cultivation System

In the Biohaus Grow Unit, roots serve as it’s own substrate, retaining necessary moisture and facilitating slow aeration. The gradual air exchange system creates an excellent natural aeration environment facilitating uninterrupted functions of roots and their symbiotic organisms.

Compared to soil cultivation and «Drain to Waste» hydroponics, there is a 95% savings of water with our recirculation irrigation system. This minimal runoff produces an ecological benefit to the environment.

Innovative Nutrient Solution
Feeding System

This system utilizes a mechanism in which the nutrient solution is fed directly to the root zone. The solution is delivered periodically by high-pressure diffusion, gradually permeating the entire mass of loosely interlaced roots. Any excess solution reaches the inclined base where the entire root mass is located. This system also allows for the remainder of the used solution to be effectively washed away, ensuring the roots receive fresh, nutrient-rich food.

The inclined base contains low, vertical ribs resembling a labyrinth. Once the solution has permeated the root mass it will flow through the entire labyrinth, completely draining in approximately ten minutes. At that time, fresh nutrient-rich solution is released. Constant aeration in the root mass ensures overwatering never occurs as the solution moves through the root zone.

Access and Observe
the Root Zone without
Compromising Plants

Removing the root observation lid grants immediate access to the root zone, facilitating assessment of plant health. This immediately allows for any needed action to be taken. Comparatively, substrate cultivation may take two to three days for any changes in the health of the plant to be revealed in the canopy.

Large Scale Features.
Multiple system layouts to fit
any room dimensions
and lighting footprint

Proven commercial scale
cultivation technology.
Scalable industrial solutions.

Multiple system layouts to
fit any room dimensions and lighting footprint.

Our products 
cover a wide
range of services
in the field of


Biohaus F8
Flowering System
Biohaus F8 — unit for flowering cycle with 8 plants and support for the canopy.


Biohaus V36
Veg and Cloning
Biohaus V36 — unit producing 36 clones or 18 vegged, ready to flower plants in less than 12 days.


Biohaus F4
Flowering System for
Large Plants
Biohaus F4 — unit for flowering cycle with 4 plants and support for the canopy. This unit allows growing of large plants, up to 40 sq. ft. of canopy with 4 plants.

Software and AI

AI assistantAI assistant gives you an access to control and monitor your grow via voice commands.

Software and AI

Control panelControl panel helps visualize what is happening in your facility, adjust any parameters in cultivation rooms,
lets you know if you are
running out of any

...Growing in soil, only 4 cycles per year were produced. Now, with the Biohaus system, 6 cycles per year are produced increasing profits by almost 50%...

Larry L.

As a commercial cultivator I know that labor is the biggest expense. With the Biohaus system, my labor costs went down 30%!

Garry M.

The system is definitely next gen cultivation technology! Using it I immediately noticed rapid growth rate, incredible development of side branches, and better overall plant health.

Victor G.

From my experience, this is the only proprietary system that works for large scale commercial cultivation, compared to other systems I have tried. This is the most efficient on a commercial scale.

Michael H.

...I love being able to access the roots and see what is going on inside the system without harming the actual plant. Genius!

Patrick S.

Whether an existing facility or new
build, we help you lower growing costs,
multiply flowering cycles, and increase
crop yield.   Cheaper, Faster, More